• Liquid
  • Animal Feed Supplement
  • For Animal Use Only

  • Contain essential nutrient for a wide variety of cellular and molecular functions.
  • Increase cell mediate immunity,increase humeral immunity of poultry & live stock.
  • Increase resistance of poultry to diseases.
  • Increase phagocytic cell count.
  • Stimulate the Production of (T & B cells)
  • Excellent antistress factor Used before & or after vaccinations to inhance better immune system response.
  • Hasten growth & maturity rates.
  • Improve the marbilling quality of meat (Broiler)
  • Extend the productive laying period (Layer)
  • Improve egg quality, production to be (heavier,larger, higher ) for layer.
  • Improve egg fertility & hatchability (breeder)
  • Needed for normal reproductive performance.

Betaglucan 1.3 1.6,Nigella Sativa oil , Biotin, Echincea extract , Wheat Germ Oil, Vit.C, Garlic Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil,Folic Acid,L Carnitine, Inositol,Zn. Methionine.

  • 1 ml / 3 liters of fresh drinking water.
  • (1 Liter) in carton box.
  • (0.5 Liter) in carton box

Keep out of reach of children.