• Liquid
  • Animal Feed Supplement
  • For Animal Use Only

  • Highly effective in controlling both toxins produced by Fusaria and Aspergillus molds as well as reduces the ability of pathogenic bacteria E-coli & salmonella to attach to G.I.T wall.
  • Improves the intestinal functions by simulation of digestive enzymes & bile secretion.
  • Simulates the phagocytic activities of macrophages, which are integral part of animal’s immune system, improves immunity and response to vaccination
  • Provides proven biocidal activity against abroad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria apart from chlorine.
  • Works well with chlorine in livestock drinking water systems to provide superior bacterial control.
  • Maintains clean water lines.
  • Fast establishment of a beneficial gut microflora.
  • Improves weight gain.
  • Improves feed conversion.
  • Decreases monality.
  • Reduces mycotoxin related fertility problems.
  • No negative side effects, No withdrawal times.
  • Mixes quickly and completely with water to provide a constant, reliable concentration throughout the drinking water system.
  • Contains special blend of (Honey, Ginseng, Silymarin, Sorbitol) and other ingredients to decrease the effects of mycotoxins and toxins.
  • Yeast extract contains vitamin B complex, vitamin D, ATP, NAD, RNA invenase and galactosidase, yeast extract characterized by its higher amounts of protein, total nitrogen and amino nitrogen, and it acts as a biological detoxifying agent by its ability to Biotransform T2 toxin and zearalenone.
  • Yeast extract autolysate exhibits a high degree of antigenicity mainly due to mannan and glucan components also mannan – glucan structure stimulates the immune response by increasing the phagocytic activity of macrophags and increased liver excretion of annose – binding protein.
  • A blend of organic acids proven to provide superior control of water-borne microbial pathogens.
  • PH of 1 15: 1.5 which when used at the recommended level in drinking water, will maintain PH in the range necessary to activate pepsin and pancreatic enzymes, andsupporting the chelation of minerals. The strong bactericidal effect of the organic acidsappears due to penetration through the bacterial cell wall and disruption of themetabolism of gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella sp. and E-coli.

MOS – Betaglucan – Yeast extract – Specialblend of (Honey, Ginseng, Silymarin, Sorbitol) -Lactic acid – Acetic acid – Citric acid -Phosphoric acid – Tartaric acid – Malic acid -Potassium citrate.

  • 1 ml / 3 liters of fresh drinking water.
  • 12 Plastic bottles – (1 Liter) in carton box.
  • 24 Plastic bottles – (0.5 Liter) in carton box

Keep out of reach of children.