Source of Minerals & Vitamins for poultry and livestock.


Each 1 liter contains:

Ammonium chloride378g
Sorbitol 42g
Vitamin B2-5 Phosfate1.92g
Magnesium sulphate212g
Colloidal silica50g
Vitamin B6 1.65g
Sodium chloride170g
Vitamin B18.92g
Vitamin pp30g
Vitamin C50g
Dextrose up to 1Kg
  • Nobile Reno C: has a diuretic effect by changing PH of the urine to acidic.
  • Nobile Reno C: has a laxative effect.
  • Nobile Reno C: treats toxic effects of nephritis & hepatitis.
  • Nobile Reno C: enhances immunity.
  • Nobile Reno C: acts as anti-stress.

1ml / 5L of drinking water.

24 months from manufacturing date.


  • Bucket 1 Kg