TriPharma Company for Import & Export, Egypt

TriPharma Company for Import & Export, Egypt; One of the promising companies dealing with veterinary medicines, feed additives and human supplements have been around for a long time in the Egyptian market. The company was established as legal entity in 2010 based on the long experience of the founder since 1998. We develops and continuously improves our portfolio of veterinary medicine, feed supplements, vitamins, and makes sure, all our products have up to date registrations. As a result of our innovative investments, the range of veterinary medicinal products will be extended more & more for oral and external use, feed additives, tablets as well as a new generation of medicinal premixes to be mixed with the animals feed, human supplements, vitamins minerals and herbal extracts. Our company today owns hundreds of registered customer base sales network.

In 2010; We had started distributions of many products of multi-national companies, then we had registered our first exclusive agency with “WISEGROUP USA” one of the biggest and trusted USA companies. After that We expanded our outreach for 3 more agencies (NUTRI CENTRUM from Turkey, TROPMED GmbH from Germany and BIO-LABS (Pvt) Ltd. These four agencies are just the beginning of the revolution we intend to make in our near future to have the place we plan for our company. We look forward to appearing in a decent appearance and strong presence and competitive industry giants not only in the Egyptian market but also in all Africa in the near future.

We believe that all animals should be cared for during their lifetime, whether they are domestic animals or productive.


We exist to benefit society and enhance the health and well-being of animals, people, and the ecosystem through innovation in research, education, productive care, outreach, and service. We are committed to provide quality healthcare products and outstanding different services for both sectors of pharmaceutical and animal healthcare products, keeping in mind the top quality of life to the community we are dealing with in all the areas we reach.

To achieve and maintain a leadership position in the healthcare industry and to be one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the Middle east and Africa within the coming 5 years, and to be in the top veterinary production companies in the middle east and this will be achieved via our growth in sales and quality of our pharmaceutical and veterinary brands.


Our Commitment to Humans

We believe quality care for all human includes nutrition, health care, daily exercise and lots of care. We believe that will reflect on the human welfare quality of life, then the community share and productivity.

Our Commitment to Animals

We believe quality care for all animals includes nutrition, veterinary health care, daily exercise and lots of care. All animals live in such an environment. We use the best methods necessary to develop nutritional technology so animals around the world live healthy and productive lives

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